Biomedical Repair Services and Biomedical Parts

Biomedix Medical focuses on extending the life of infusion pumps with its medical device repair programs, and the sale of related parts and accessories.

Service and Repair

All repairs are performed by trained and experienced biomedical technicians. Upon arrival your equipment will be meticulously cleaned and inspected by our biomedical technicians and we can provide an accurate estimate for the repair of your equipment in a timely fashion. We repair all of our equipment per manufacturer specifications and based on a rate of 85.00 per hour plus the cost of parts. Our quality assurance process includes three audits, as well as various checks that are performed specific to each type and model of equipment using a special testing device. Every piece of equipment that leaves our facility has been inspected to establish that it meets or exceeds all manufacturer specifications and is ready for patient use. If you need to send in a device for immediate repair please see our request service tab or click here.

Responsive, Dependable Service

Our Biomedical Department services thousands of pieces of pre-owned equipment. Biomedix Medical trained biomedical technicians will ensure your critical care equipment remains in patient-ready status.

Our services include:

  • Device service and repair
  • Preventive maintenance inspections
  • Flat rate repair
  • Tier repair service program (contact us for pricing)
  • Service agreements

Biomedical Parts & Accessories

New replacement non oem parts and accessories have been designed to meet or exceed their original specifications providing both the quality and value that medical facilities worldwide rely on. Please click on the button below to see the list of biomedical parts and accessories we offer.