Alaris 8015LS 5.7″ Medley PCU

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Alaris Medley Color PCU 8015LS 5.7″ screen

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Alaris 8015LS 5.7″  Medley PCU controller module

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The next generation Alaris ® PC unit has been enhanced inside and out helping make the most of today’s hardware and software features, and has a platform you can build on to meet future needs. Using data set transfer and Guardrails ® alerts, you can quickly download data for rapid cycle improvement, regardless of existing IT infrastructure. The hospital’s latest drug parameters and clinical advisories can be uploaded just as easily, helping to ensure nurses and other caregivers always have the most up-to-date information.


Product Description

Supports Guardrails® Suite MX with Guardrails® Point-Of-Care software and v9 Operating System software. Alaris Medley 8015 POC is the Central module to the Alaris medley system. This Central ‘brain’ allows other modules to connect to it. It has a color screen, wireless capable, and is user friendly.


  • The Alaris Medley 8015 {POC} Point Of Care pump provides a medication safety The Alaris Medley 8015 {POC} Point Of Care pump provides a medication safety system that helps protect every infusion to guard you and your patients from medication errors
  • This modular system is intended for adults, pediatric, neonatal care in todays growing professional healthcare environment
  • The Point Of Care provides a common user interface for programming infusion monitoring
  • This helps to reduce complexity modules at the Point Of Care
  • The system provides the right protection for every infusion by double checking dose and duration as well as delivery rate


  • POC ( Point Of Care) Central Module
  • Biomed Tested / Calibrated
  • Color Screen
  • Wireless Capable


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