ICU Medical Plum 360 Infusion pump

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Hospira Plum 360 Infusion pump

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The ICU Medical (formerly Hospira) Plum 360™ is a dependable IV pump that has proven to reduce medication errors and increase patient safety. The infusion device boasts industry-leading cybersecurity and complete IV-HER interoperability.

The Plum 360™ includes the uniquely designed PlumSet cassette allowing for automated back-priming. This allows air to be easily removed from the line without disconnecting from the patient to maintain a closed system. The device also includes a secondary line that connects directly to the cassette, eliminating the need to raise or lower infusion containers. If your facility needs secondary IV delivery to your patients, then the Plum 360™ is an excellent choice for an infusion pump.

  • Battery life:3 hours at up to 125 mL/hr on a single line, or delivers at least 250 mL if > 126 mL/hr
  • Power requirements:120 V~, 50 to 60 Hz, 50 VA
  • The Plum 360 utilizes the unique PlumSet cassette that features air management that doesn’t require disconnecting.
  • Use the pump to automatically remove air through the cassette’s secondary administration port without disconnecting the line
  • Capture 1 mL of air in the cassette’s air trap – an industry exclusive feature – before the alarm is activated
  • Help eliminate the potential for contaminants by keeping the line connected
  • Hospira’s Plum infusion systems are unique in the way they connect the secondary line directly to the PlumSet cassette, so the pump can differentiate between primary and secondary infusion lines and deliver each as intended
  • Large drug library – includes 2500 medications (medications used in multiple clinical care areas (CCAs) count as a single entry), 40 CCAs and 400 medications per CCA
  • Dimensions :8″ H x 8″ W x 6″ D, excluding pole clamp extrusion and power cord storage

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